The Polish National Council of Notaries maintains an ICT system “Notarial Registers” comprising the statistical registers, registers containing data from some of the notarial actions performed, and which allow for an exchange of data contained therein with some external institutions.

Notarial Registers:

  • Succession Register
  • Notarial Register of Last Wills
  • Central Repository of Electronic Copies of Notarial Authentic Documents
  • Register of Temporary Administrators of Sole Trader’s Estate
  • Register of Users
  • Notarial Registers of Statistics

The Notarial Registers System allows for an exchange of data with external institutions, such as:

  • the mortgage and land registers kept by courts
  • civil departments of regional and circuit courts
  • the National Court Register (commercial register)
  • Ministry of Justice
  • Central Registration and Information on Business
  • European Network of Registers of Wills (ENRW)
  • the Council of the Notariats of the European Union (CNUE)